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Astronic tradition
Astronology is the study of the Astronic tradition.

Astronic philosophy

Cosmic philosophy

Anthropological · Cosmological · Multifarious · Phenomenal · Progenial · Terrestrial

Astronist philosophy

Axiology · Aesthetics · Anthropology · Deontology · Dysteleology · Epistemology · Ethics · Logic · Metaphilosophy · Metaphysics · Phenomenology · Philosophy of religion · Ontology · Teleology

Millettic / Millettarian philosophy

Astronic religions


Institutional Astronism / Millettarian Tradition (Institutional denominations)


Non-Institutional Astronism

Pre-Cometanic forms
Astrolatrism · Astrology

Space religion

Astronic mythology
Astronist mythology
Astronic ideology
Astronarianism · Spacism

Not to be confused with astrology.

Astromancy, often referred to within Astronism as cosmic divination or astrodivination, refers to a wider form of cosmic divination than the astrological form of the positions of the stars. Astromancy, in the context of Astronism, encompasses a variety of forms of divination with astronomical themes, such as divination by different cosmic progeny and phenomena, or by The Cosmos as a whole.

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