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Astrodora, known amongst scholars of Astronism as astrodorism, is a post-omnidoxical Cometanic collection of beliefs and practices based on the notion that The Cosmos as a whole as well as astronomical progeny and phenomena individually possess healing powers. It is also believed that cosmic prayer holds the ability to directly heal physical and spiritual wounds and pains.

Astrodorists are those whom master such practices and are considered to be the only people who can sufficiently apply such practices successfully. Believers of astrodorism assert that the healing of disease and disability can be brought about by religious faith and philosophical knowledge which is sought from The Cosmos as well as progeny and phenomena individually.

There is a total of six recognised forms of astrodorial belief that are considered to hold the power to heal and which are listed here:

  • Iatroastralism - the belief that exposing a sick person to an astral night or the conducting the practice of astral exposition will lead to a person's physical, mental and/or spiritual recovery from illness.
  • Cosmic remediation - the belief that practice of cosmic meditation will resolve many psychological illnesses.
  • Sanationism - the belief that witnessing astronomical phenomena leads to both spiritual, physical, and mental health and well-being.
  • Cosmosis restoration - the belief that upon accepting one's fate as becoming One with The Cosmos, that a person will be mentally and spiritually cured of all fears of the inadequacy of the state of their soul to be judged by God as is taught in other religions.
  • Sopharial rejuvenation - also known as sopharial therapy, the belief that visiting sophariums or other places of Astronist spiritual or wider astronomical significance will make a person feel revitalised and will markedly improve their physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing.
  • Renditionalism - the belief that Astronist renditions hold the power to spiritually, mentally, and sometimes physically heal illnesses and pains.

A closely associated branch of study and collection of beliefs to astrodora is that of astronomical medicine, or cosmic medicine, which is a form of alternative medicine invoking the use of or belief in the use of astronomical objects to cure illnesses and diseases both in a physical and mental form.

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