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The Astran (/ˈæstrən/), often also called the astronomical life force, the astral life force, the cosmic spirit, or the cosmic life force, is a fundamental concept throughout Astronist philosophy and theology which denotes the absolute principle or fundamental order of existence perceived as a natural vital energy that continually arranges, binds together and subsequently rearranges everything that exists within The Cosmos.

Intellectual and physical engagement with the Astran is considered best achieved through the astronomical world; such practices are fundamental to both Astronist religion and philosophy as they are understood to be integral to the achievement of astrosis. 

The Astran shares some likeness to the concepts of the Tao in East Asian religions as well as Prana in Dharmic religions, but is distinguished from these ancient concepts by its adherence to the notion that the astronomical world is the focus of engagement with the Astran rather than the terrestrial or human worlds.

Also distinguishing the concept of the Astran is its adherence to organicism which states that all things that exist within The Cosmos, whether natural or artificial, are ultimately living organisms because they are part of The Cosmos which is considered a living organism itself. 

It has been recently said that the Astran is the Astronomical Tao, the Astronomical Prana, or the Astronomical life force.

Influence of Astronism

Some have argued that it is from the concept of Astron the term Astronism came, however, this remains refuted by the Astronist Institution as the concept of Astron was only ideated by Cometan some years after that of the appellation of Astronism towards the very end of The Year of Completion. However, in recent times, the notion that Astronism focuses its attention of the Astron has given support for the notion that Astronism should actually be etymologically directed towards that of the concept of Astron.

Description and uses of the concept

Religious, philosophical, and cultural interpretations

Linguistic aspects


  • Astranic
  • Astranical
  • Astranicism – an Astronists’ particular adherence to the concept of the Astran.

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