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Warbrick family picture.

Cover of 2020 book on Cometanic ancestry.

For the immediate family members and other relatives of Cometan, visit the Family members of Cometan.

For the genealogical ancestry of Cometan, visit Genealogy of Cometan.

The ancestry of Cometan, or Cometanic ancestry, is the branch of Cometanology dealing with the ancestral lineage and relational contemporaries of the founder of Astronism. It is a twin branch to Cometanic descendantry which studies the descendants of the founder of Astronism.


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Cometan's endeavours to understand his ancestral lineage can be split into distinct phases or time periods with each phase possessing different themes and topics of interest.

Cometanic ancestral investigation phases
Title Period Theme and topics covered
Ancestral Investigation Phase One March 2019 – July 2020 Exploring Cometan's immediate maternal and paternal ancestry, establishment of the eight major Cometanic ancestral lines, identification of Cometanic ancestors going back to medieval times.
Ancestral Investigation Phase Two October 2020 – present Moon family emigration and life as Mormon pioneers, Cometanic ancestry stretching back to ancient times, identification of historical or otherwise notable figures in Cometanic ancestry.


There are five different classifications:


The Astronist Institution is conferred with the responsibility of studying Cometanic ancestry and classifying individuals as Cometanic ancestors. Below are the current number of ancestors of Cometan

  • Ancestors of Cometan =
  • Distant ancestors of Cometan =
  • Notable ancestors of Cometan =

Also split between core and peripheral:

  • Core ancestors = 1,138 (direct line ancestors, recognised ancestors, notable ancestors)
  • Peripheral ancestors = 10,000+ (non-direct ancestors e.g. aunts, cousins, unrecognised ancestors)
  • Verified DNA Matches to Cometan (extended family and distant relatives) = 10,836

Paternal ancestry

Hardacre family

McKerney family

Taylor family

  • Frederick Taylor, father of Derrick Taylor

Stringfellow family

  • Ellen Stringfellow, mother of Derrick Taylor

Maternal ancestry

Farnworth family

Turner family

Cottam family

Moon family

Prescott family

Lancaster family

  • Elizabeth Warbrick (1868 - 1899), grandmother of Bill Warbrick. William Warbrick (1861 - c. 1933).
  • John Lancaster, the great grandfather of Bill Warbrick and hence, the third great-grandfather of Cometan.
  • Isabella Lancaster (1846 - unknown), the great grandmother of Bill Warbrick.

Warbrick family

  • Henry Warbrick (1896 - 1972), the father of Bill Warbrick.
  • William Warbrick (1861 - c.1933), the great-great-grandfather of Cometan.
  • James Warbrick (1822 - unknown), the father of William Warbrick and hence, the third great-grandfather of Cometan.
  • Ellen Warbrick (née Tootell), the mother of William Warbrick.

Family line

Main article: Cometanic family line

A family line is a unit of vertical classification used in Cometanic ancestry to denote the eight main lines of ancestry derived from the great-grandparents of Cometan. The eight family lines of Cometan include:

Paternal family lines

Maternal family lines

Generation retrogrades

Main article: Generation retrograde

A generation retrograde is a unit of horizontal classification in Cometanic ancestry used to divide ancestors of Cometan into groups according to the generation to which they belong.

List of generation retrogrades



Distant ancestral

Medieval ancestral

Notable people

Ancient ancestors of Cometan

In the study of Cometanic ancestry, one of Cometan's paternal lines stretches back to ancient times and includes the following famous figures:

  • Magnus Maximus
  • Saint Elen
  • Anna the Prophetess
  • Vortigern
  • Brân the Blessed


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